Our Breathing (or choking) Earth

Created by¬†Australian multimedia designer¬†David Bleja the¬†BreathingEarth website helps provide a real-time sense of how rapidly the world’s population is growing and how much CO2 is emitted around the globe and around the clock. Its sort of stunning and mesmerizing to watch, mouse over countries to see more detailed information for each, and read the accumulated […]

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The Story of Stuff

Since we posted the “Where Does It All Go” article the other day, we thought we should also post environmental activist Annie Leonard’s The Story Of Stuff to fill in the where does it come from part of the eco-equation. This twenty-minute piece does a great job of explaining the many steps that our products […]

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Where does it all go?

A person once told me that he was sure much of our ecological crisis could be avoided if we asked “when you buy something, imagine where does it go when you’re done with it?” When we imagine the energy, materials and conditions that make our products we make decisions that are better for the environment […]

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Making statistics matter to us

Chris Jordan is one of my favorite photographers. He doesn’t shoot portraits or landscapes or puppies. Instead he uses the power of scale to represent environmental, health and social issues. Like many of us Chris has read and seen the statistics that we all are confronted with when trying to make sense of global health […]

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