Putting Your History On The Map

Most of us want to tell at least portions of our own stories. We share our thoughts on our Facebook pages, send Twitter updates, check-in and share experiences via Foursquare. But mostly we don’t take the time or have the opportunity tell the kind of stories that let others know who we are. Or where […]

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HBO Re-Imagines Storytelling

HBO, masters of televised storytelling, recently won an award for the outdoor component of its innovative “Imagine” marketing campaign created by BBDO New York and The Barbarian Group. Large cubes were built in urban locations in three cities. Each night they a became four-sided movie theater. The outdoor screens or the structure of telling the […]

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Storytelling 2.0

When it comes to building an online and offline brand communications strategy there are a lot of terms being used today that are new to our marketing vocabulary. Media convergence, virtual communities, crowd sourcing, social media, and more. Storytelling also got seemingly more complex too. Crossmedia, Transmedia and other types of multi-channel or multi-platform storytelling […]

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One of a President’s primary responsibilities is to be a storyteller. Today is a big day for stories. Apple’s Steve Jobs tells the anxiously awaiting world the story of his latest creation and later this evening President Obama will tell us the story of his first year in office. The two leaders understand that delivering […]

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Great concept!

We loved the idea that we, as humans, have been waiting our whole evolution for something as satisfying as this product. Imagine telling the story behind any idea or service in way that summed up the entire reason and need for its existence.

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Life on a farm

This is a very beautifully made and moving portrait of one Iowa farming family. Seeing and hearing unvarnished impressions of their life deepened my understanding of the hardship that farming can be and of the strong human spirit that perseveres and strives to maintain this threatened lifestyle. For an organic startup we created a video […]

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Creative Visualization

This video by Radiohead utilized leading edge technology to create visual story support for the song that is as hauntingly beautiful as the song. We love this as a great example of using technology, science and computer manipulation in way that doesn’t take away from story but actually adds meaning and power to the lyrics. […]

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