Telling the story of 350

Its not the sequel to 300. But it is about standing our ground and fighting for awareness and change. Even a really great elevator pitch can still be pretty uninspiring, and in this day and age hard to share with others… who can remember all those words? It’s a tough problem many of us face. […]

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Experiencing Abstract Information

A bachelor thesis by Jochen Winker and Stefan Kuzaj (University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany) takes data or concept visualization to a new level. In this video you can see how they answer the question of how to increase immersion of data with three examples. The first and second demonstrations I found the most […]

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Comparing the Incomparable

Often we are faced with the task of explaining or describing something that requires the audience to hold complex information in their minds while still taking in new information. Think of state-of-the-union speeches or learning about a scientific, systemic or technologic concept. Most us are at heart visual people. Photos and illustrations deliver a bounty […]

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A Day in the Life of

Storytelling through visuals can be beautiful as well as effective. The image above is from a New York Times article about its own website traffic and illustrates where their readers are across the country, when they use the site and interestingly shows the flow of a breaking news story as it sweeps across the country. […]

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Impactful Visualization

This is a fantastic presentation called “Did You Know?” and its meant to be informative, eye-opening and provoke thought. It’s a highly effective example of how creative visualization can build stronger connections between the viewer and the data being presented. To learn about the history of this presentation click here. Using the concept of presenting […]

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Data Visualization

The amazing House of Cards video for Radiohead works so well due to the brilliant work of Aaron Koblin, currently at Google. The video here is another work by Aaron and is a visual representation of air traffic flight path data. Its one thing to read that there are 20,000 planes in the air at […]

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Making statistics matter to us

Chris Jordan is one of my favorite photographers. He doesn’t shoot portraits or landscapes or puppies. Instead he uses the power of scale to represent environmental, health and social issues. Like many of us Chris has read and seen the statistics that we all are confronted with when trying to make sense of global health […]

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