From Abstract to Meaningful

I remember reading that the average per-capita GNP of the industrialized world is around $27,000 while Africa’s is $528. I felt shocked at the extreme disparity. Because this information was simple and concise it was immediately clear that this disparity in wealth was severe. Every day we read or hear about all manner of complex global […]

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The Things We Keep

Another interesting meditation on the significance of objects Danish filmmaker Christian Svanes Kolding created this wonderful short film featuring objects he had accumulated during his move from Denmark to the west coast of the US and then to New York. The film is one continuous tracking shot across seemingly random objects. As objects pass by, […]

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The Significant Objects project

In a fascinating and successful series of experiments the Significant Object Project has explored the power of connecting a story with an everyday item. In the first experiment 95 writers (including Nicholson Baker and Jonathan lethem) each made up stories about thrift-store objects. The objects were then posted on EBay to see what their value […]

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Experiencing Abstract Information

A bachelor thesis by Jochen Winker and Stefan Kuzaj (University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany) takes data or concept visualization to a new level. In this video you can see how they answer the question of how to increase immersion of data with three examples. The first and second demonstrations I found the most […]

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