Enter the room

Augmented reality (AR) is starting to live up to its promise. This new app from the International Committee of the Red Cross places you in the bedroom of a child living in a war-torn city.

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There’s an advertising campaign that many hope will win the top prize at Cannes this year. It’s Russia’s successful campaign to undermine our elections.


The Seed

In promoting its CS4 suite of design tools,Ā Adobe has funded some wonderful artworks. This example, The Seed by Johnny Kelly and UK’s Nexus Productions, beautifully illustrates what happens when you combine software, technology, old-fashioned and traditional tools with some creative storytelling.

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Bike + Nike + Chalkbot = Inspiration

A brilliant exercise in combining a elements together to create something powerful. Nike and the Lance Armstrong Foundation paired with technology, the Tour de France and thousands of individuals wishing to honor loved ones touched by cancer. The team put together a machine that chalked messages onto the road-surface along the tour’s route. The messages […]

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1 picture telling 1 story

These ads by Lowe Pirella Fronzoni of Milano grab your attention and communicate the story in a nearly visceral way. The most compelling image is so graphic yet is comprised of a puppy and simple off-the-shelf cosmetics found in nearly any purse. We find this an excellent example of walking the fine line between shocking […]

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One of a Presidentā€™s primary responsibilities is to be a storyteller. Today is a big day for stories. Apple’s Steve Jobs tells the anxiously awaiting world the story of his latest creation and later this evening President Obama will tell us the story of his first year in office. The two leaders understand that delivering […]

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