More Retro-Modern: the iPad Video Arcade

The new Apple iPad. The high design, high-function, drool-inducing device that some say is the future of portable computing… is also an old-school video arcade game console? ThinkGeek, purveyor of cool gadgets for the geek-set, seemingly joined the retro-modern trend with its spot-on and ingenious iPad Arcade Cabinet. Sadly, for many, it turned out to be […]

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Technology, toast and Twitter

The hybridization and cross-pollination of artistic expression, technology and social media has created some incredible works, products and marketing. Examples of amazing work like Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin’s “Listening Post” (one of my favorite installations of all time) and  “Vectorial Elevation” by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer illustrate some of the range of possibility on the purely artistic […]

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What Does Meaningful Mean?

An article from Design Mind on GOOD (Design Mind is a magazine from San Francisco design firm frog design and GOOD Magazine is, well, something everyone should get involved with) asked the question “What does meaningful mean?”  The article describes one of frog design’s periodic forums held to stimulate ideas and thinking. This particular forum […]

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Creating Community with light

This amazing public art installation was part of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Vancouver, BC. Created by Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer this project allowed people from around the world to go online and design a light-work that was then projected into the Vancouver night sky by 20 powerful robotic spotlights. Four web-cams would […]

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The Seed

In promoting its CS4 suite of design tools, Adobe has funded some wonderful artworks. This example, The Seed by Johnny Kelly and UK’s Nexus Productions, beautifully illustrates what happens when you combine software, technology, old-fashioned and traditional tools with some creative storytelling.

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1 picture telling 1 story

These ads by Lowe Pirella Fronzoni of Milano grab your attention and communicate the story in a nearly visceral way. The most compelling image is so graphic yet is comprised of a puppy and simple off-the-shelf cosmetics found in nearly any purse. We find this an excellent example of walking the fine line between shocking […]

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Comparing the Incomparable

Often we are faced with the task of explaining or describing something that requires the audience to hold complex information in their minds while still taking in new information. Think of state-of-the-union speeches or learning about a scientific, systemic or technologic concept. Most us are at heart visual people. Photos and illustrations deliver a bounty […]

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Storytelling through package design

Differentiating your brand from your competitors can involve painting a portrait of how other products or services don’t measure up, listing all your product or service attributes, describing the collective challenge we all face and how your brand is addressing it on our behalf, and many more exhaustive methods. Or you could use a simple […]

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