About this space

Creating Meaning is where I share thoughts about, and examples of, how creating meaning creates deeper understanding and connection with our world.

Gigantic Planet is a creative agency, specializing in narrative strategy, story development, design and content creation. Our work serves core needs our clients have to increase awareness, engage customers, build relationships, or fundraise.

As a primary method to create meaning we are particularly interested developing narratives that help explain, explore, expand and illuminate the world we live in. The stories we create unfold across all types of channels and platforms from video and film, to live engagements, to interactive social networks. A narrative can be simple and short, or complex with many threads woven together over time. But in each case our work is to make those stories, and the audience’s intersection with them, filled with meaning.

We will be posting articles, media, showcasing people, ideas, places, products and anything else that serves to expand this conversation. We also encourage everyone to add their thoughts, ideas and examples.

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