Grace and Grit and Poetry

Communicating a range of human experience gives a more complete view of life. But, that can be hard to do if you only have a short time to get your story across.

Recently, I’ve seen a few spots that paint a more complex picture of life through image montage that provide glimpses of lives and also hint at the experiences that occur out-of-frame. One, a spot for IKEA and the other, one of a series of spots for Under Armor, add another layer to enrich their portraits. Poetry.

Both spots use spoken word to express the challenges and reward that life brings. We see and hear that sometime things are easy and sometime we must dig deeper than we knew we could to achieve something. The IKEA spot, Make Room For Life, is filled with images from urban life that show people experiencing joyful, sad, momentous and frivolous moments in life. The spot’s music and copy, by Vittorio Grasso & Alexis Almstrom, creates a poetic manifesto about making room in our lives for all the important things.

The Under Armor spot is one of a series of portraits of accomplished women called Unlike Any. This spot presents Olympian Lyndsey Vonn as not just a champion skier but a force of nature who overcomes the destruction of her body to continue to compete. The poem that drives the spot is filled with power and imagery underscored by the images of Lyndsey.

Like life, both spots are a mashup of highs and lows that, combined with the poetry, give us a more complete, more potent, and more honest view of the snippets of life presented. Do these spots, and others like them, make you feel more positively toward the brands? We’ll have to wait and see. But I, for one, appreciate the inclusion of life’s challenging and difficult moments in their dipiction of our world, and particularly appreciate the use of poetry to deliver the idea, story and meaning.

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