A few days ago an interesting new project was announced. It is a case study that many hope will win the top award for advertising at the famed Cannes Film Festival. Created by an anonymous group of creative industry professionals, the case study called Project Meddle was created to draw attention to the very real, and very effective, use of deceptive and false advertising and news. The project is driving viewers to the news literacy project to learn more and help strengthen that non-profit organization’s support.

I am particularly interested in this effort as the issue it is focused on has repercussions for our democracy, for the quality of information that we base our opinion and decisions on, and for the value we place in the stories we share. If the tainting of news and information continues, how can sources that are authentic and truthful gain trust and traction? We must all do what we can to increase media literacy and use truth to overwhelm deception. My two cents.

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