Taking a stand

Brands invest a lot in their image to ensure their audience connects with the values expressed. It can be a constant effort to fine-tune a brand story to keep it relevant and respond to opportunities that arise to demonstrate a commitment to their values. Sometimes hard choices are made to decide to what degree a brand might respond to issues or events that affect more than just their customers.Ā That said, responses often mince words, water-down emotions, or pull punches. Not Patagonia.

When US protected land status was removed for two National Monuments, Patagonia’s response was clear, direct and did more than call attention to what they call the illegal move by the president. They replaced the front page of their website with five-word statement: The President Stole Your Land. While their statement garnered wide coverage in the press and across social media, they backed their words with their own action, filing a lawsuit against the president and others, and encourage everyone else to take action too. Patagonia took a stand for something they believe in. Their bold and immediate actions underscored the values they have long held and expressed. Hopefully, more brands will follow Patagonia’s example and stand up for what they believe in.

2 thoughts on “Taking a stand

  1. Bravo tony for reminding us that these actions are not simply a part of a news cycle, for a like, but the situation is something real for all of us and made real by companies who sincerely care and are doing something… a double bravo to Patagonia.

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    1. While authenticity has been a buzzword for awhile now, more companies are beginning to see the value, and importance, of taking action as a way to express their principals. Thanks for reading!


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