The Amazing New Thing!

My 3 year-old daughter loves books and I love reading them to her. She enjoys each reading, even if it’s for the zillionth time. In fact, it seems that the more times I read the story the more she loves it. She even corrects me if I try to skip anything or paraphrase. She wants it exactly the way it was. She does not want my 2.0 version of the story.

Adults are not like that. We can’t wait to get our hands on the newest gadget and remain very excited about once we get it. That is until we hear about the even newer version. Once that happens our wonderful gadget is the one we settle for until we can get the newer, and obviously, much better one. This New York Times Magazine comic from wonderful illustrator & writer Tom Gauld captures the cycle perfectly.


As adults, we have applied that same “it must be new” filter to our story intake also. We love reading and watching stories but how often do you watch an episode of your favorite show a second time. Maybe once or twice. But would you watch it three times, six times? I’ve watched a few movies six times over my lifetime, but couldn’t imagine watching any of my most favorite even twice in one week.

One of the challenges as a storyteller for brands is that you are essentially telling the same story again and again. Our job is to find a way to haveĀ each retelling create the excitement of The Amazing New Thing.

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