Remixing Science – Mashups that make you think

I just discovered this video, actually my wife showed me, that really grabbed my attention and kept it. Part electronica pop song and part science documentary this is no ordinary music video. This one, and others by Symphony of Science (musician and producer John Boswell), weave together the words of many of the world’s greatest scientific minds into a sonically catchy and visually stunning three minute piece. I just watched four in a row, and I’m supposed to be working right now.

Like the wonderful work of visual remix artist Nick Bertke, aka Pogo, who has been off creating remixes based his travels through different cultures, Symphony of Science aims to tell the story of science and discovery by making these science documentaries accessible in a new way.

These remix mashup collages are often very enjoyable and I’m starting to see some evolution in the work generated. Story is starting to emerge from the soundbites and snippets that are woven into the sonic and visual layers. As this happens more these video works will take on a new life and maybe define a new genre. Today these videos occupy the space created by pushing music and films together in creative ways. Adding storytelling to this mix and you might get a Venn diagram where the mashup lives at the center of the three and provides new original content. This would be a musical machinima where new stories are told using a combination of existing films, music, remixing and creative inspiration. I look forward to seeing these videos move beyond eye, ear and mind candy and become more intentional and meaningful storytelling.

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