Sealed With An eKiss

The idea of a long-distance relationship has always been challenging, even a deal breaker at times. I have plenty of experience with the concept. Living in Seattle, one of my closest friends lives in Milan, my brother lives in Brooklyn, and I have family all over Japan.  In fact, my wife and I solidified our relationship after she moved 900 miles away to teach skiing. While only eight years ago and only for six months, we only had email and our cellphones which were not that satisfying. To keep the fires burning

I ended up flying to Steamboat Springs enough times that I needed a partial season’s ski pass.

Today, the cellphone has become smartphones like the iPhone, and Skype (or soon to be ‘Skype featuring Bing!’) is the new call, texting is the new email, and Facebook, Twitter and others are the new water cooler. There are now so many tools through which one can experience connection with someone far away. Not only can you see them, you can see and hear what they’re seeing. Long-distance relationships can be more fulfilling and successful. Long distance has gone mainstream.

“I don’t know if we would be together without Skype”

“Without the modes of communication, there’s no way you could keep it alive”

An article a little while back in the New York Times looks at the long distance relationships of college students as did this University of Washington Daily article. There was also a great story about a successful long distance relationship between a soldier in Iraq and the women he met two days before he shipped out. He has safely returned, they are now married and have a daughter.

Perhaps my favorite thing I’ve found in this area is this wonderful video called “our year [apart] together” that chronicles a long-distance relationship over the course of one year.

As you can see in the video something truly meaningful happens when you combine all this technology with the simple impulse to share something with someone you love. Taking advantage of all these tools can really help maintain or even expand a long-distance relationship. It seems that if you are in a long-distance relationship today, the winning combination is a mixture of sharing everyday moments and specially curated moments are sent through posts and the post to make the relationship as real and meaningful as possible.

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