Dirty Water Vending Machine

To increase awareness and understanding of the critical shortage of clean water for nearly 2 billion of the world’s people, Unicef’s “Dirty Water” campaign, developed with NY agency Casanova Pendrill, created a dirty water vending machine. Originally installed last year, the machine was again installed at New York’s very busy Union Square this past weekend.

I love how the iconic image of a beverage vending machine coupled with the highly unattractive bottle of dirty water and drink “choices” really caused people to stop and think. Like Charity: water‘s work to help people visualize the challenge that millions upon millions of people face to obtain clean water, this project helps to communicate the very real message that in order to live people are drinking water that could kill them. The machine is able to take cash donations as well as text donations from your cell phone.

Watch this news story on the Dirty Water Campaign:

Watch the Charity: water video featuring Beck’s “Time Bomb”

Thanks to PSFK for the story.

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