Dirty Water Vending Machine

To increase awareness and understanding of the critical shortage of clean water for nearly 2 billion of the world’s people, Unicef’s “Dirty Water” campaign, developed with NY agency Casanova Pendrill, created a dirty water vending machine. Originally installed last year, the machine was again installed at New York’s very busy Union Square this past weekend. I […]

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Our Breathing (or choking) Earth

Created by Australian multimedia designer David Bleja the BreathingEarth website helps provide a real-time sense of how rapidly the world’s population is growing and how much CO2 is emitted around the globe and around the clock. Its sort of stunning and mesmerizing to watch, mouse over countries to see more detailed information for each, and read the accumulated […]

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Putting Your History On The Map

Most of us want to tell at least portions of our own stories. We share our thoughts on our Facebook pages, send Twitter updates, check-in and share experiences via Foursquare. But mostly we don’t take the time or have the opportunity tell the kind of stories that let others know who we are. Or where […]

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