Super efficient storytelling: a movie in 2 frames.

Sometimes telling a story only requires a few key elements, the who, what and where plus a message of some kind. In this great ad for international courier service DHL, created last year by Shanghai J&J Advertising, the entire story is told across two pages.

The message is delivered when you turn the third clear page with the image of the delivery man visible on both sides:  Its easy and its fast. We’ve seen this type of ad as a commercial before but always there is the getting from one place to another, the jets and trucks, the delivery across any terrain, the weather, etc. This ad skips all that because, in the end, we don’t care about all that other stuff. We just want to have someone take our stuff and have it arrive easily and quickly.

We love the interactive nature of the storytelling as well. It’s the reader who, by turning the clear page, completes the story and delivers the package back and forth, further driving the message home.

Sometimes simple is best.

Thanks to Guerrilla Communication.

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