More Retro-Modern: the iPad Video Arcade

The new Apple iPad. The high design, high-function, drool-inducing device that some say is the future of portable computing… is also an old-school video arcade game console?

iPad retro-game console from ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek, purveyor of cool gadgets for the geek-set, seemingly joined the retro-modern trend with its spot-on and ingenious iPad Arcade Cabinet. Sadly, for many, it turned out to be a very excellent and successful April Fools’ joke (read this Wired article about it).

This is pretty sweet example of great marketing connecting with the right audience. Even after learning it was a fake many had connected with its design and concept and wanted it anyway. A month later and the image and story are still alive and well. What’s giving it such long legs? The spoof created enough meaning for those who saw it by connecting first-generation nostalgia for those who played those games, second-generation nostalgia for those who came later with current modern gadget-lust.

Being from a certain age group, I fondly remember filling the original arcade machines with many a quarter playing Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong, but nostalgia aside, it’s the use of the sleek iPad that makes this so cool and such a great retro-modern concept. Maybe one of the best I’ve seen. App store issues aside (see Wired article), such a well-thought out iPad-based retro-modern arcade-game console that happens to be fake would surely be a hit.

Maybe they should rethink the fake part.

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