Water by Numbers – Creating change thru Design

Non-profit clean water change-agent WellDone has done great work to raise awareness about the world’s clean water crisis and to create on-the-ground solutions in some the the most water challenged spots. To accomplish their mission requires getting their message across and communicating to businesses and organization, potential donors, partners and the public the magnitude of the water crisis is not easy. The sheer size of the problem provides statistics and data that become abstract or unimaginable on a personal scale. To be able to express the significance of this crisis WellDone believes in the power of Design to allow impact to be felt by their audience.

From effectively communicating a message to simply capturing a person’s attention, we believe design has the power to change the world.  WellDone strives to utilize design in stimulating awareness on global water issues and changing people’s perception of this critical resource – the very foundation of lasting change. – WellDone guiding principal #5

Infographics and other visualization tools can really create meaning for the impersonal numbers and statistics attached to many of our most pressing issues. Whether we are talking about providing access to clean water, reducing our CO2 footprint, increasing educational opportunities or any of a myriad of important and complex topics, one of the keys to successfully engaging others is to bring them to a clear, personal understanding of the impacts that has direct meaning for them.

We think WellDone does a great job doing this. For a powerful overview on the world’s water crisis and to learn more about WellDone’s work, download read their compelling and beautifully designed vision document. ISSUU PDF link.

Thanks to Swiss-Miss design blog for the heads-up on the t-shirt!

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