The love story we all made together into a movie!

World-wide agency OgilvyOne used crowd-sourcing, social media, social networking and media-independent storytelling to create a hugely successful campaign for Greek candy-maker Lacta Chocolates. The brand had long tied itself to love and romance but wanted to up the ante with a new campaign that directly involved consumers. Deciding to find a love story and turn it into a movie, they asked the public to submit their own personal stories, a winner was chosen from the 1,300 entries, and Love in Action was born.

While the process Lacta went through, and the results they achieved, is really a good story on its own, it’s also a great example of the complexity and layered approach increasingly called for to create successful outcomes today. First, their project began with outreach to the public through online and offline platforms. From there they continued to expand and deepen the public’s connection by making their project itself a story as well. By sharing with the public the many phases of the project from the story collection and selection process, to the casting process and finally the film production, consumers became connected to both the story and the characters. The Love in Action Facebook page had over 26,000 fans, the Flickr page posted photos from preproduction through final editing, the blog told more stories, their YouTube channel posted behind-the-scenes and other content, and their Twitter page kept everyone in the know. By the time the film was in the can the campaign had been so successful and created such a buzz, that a Greek television network picked up the completed film and aired it as original programming. That certainly doesn’t happen every day!

In the end the consumers not only felt connected with the story they also felt they had a hand in its inception, creation and success. When you work to combine the depth and breadth that is possible with media-independent storytelling with the power and reach of social-media networking the results can hugely impact the connection between your story and your audience.

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