PIXELS by Patrick Jean

Sometimes combining the right elements into the right mix creates an unstoppable phenomenon. The mashup of video-game nostalgia, disaster movies and awesome computer graphics that is “PIXELS,” a short film by writer/director Patrick Jean with visual effects by Paris company onemoreproduction, is such a combination.

Half the baby-boom generation, all of Gen X and most of Gen Y were raised on the games depicted in this short. The familiar landscape of Manhattan has been the background for disaster movies from King Kong to The Day After Tomorrow and I Am Legend. The visual language of motion graphics and cgi are part of everything we see today from tv show bumpers and commercials to music videos.

Common cultural references, familiar setting and storyline, and fascinating eye-candy. Put these elements together in a simple and fun storyline and you can see why Patrick Jean’s short film became an instant hit with over a million views in its first 24 hours online.

I’ve watched it five times already.

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