Storytelling 2.0

When it comes to building an online and offline brand communications strategy there are a lot of terms being used today that are new to our marketing vocabulary. Media convergence, virtual communities, crowd sourcing, social media, and more. Storytelling also got seemingly more complex too. Crossmedia, Transmedia and other types of multi-channel or multi-platform storytelling evolved to both take advantage of the many platforms and channels available and to provide avenues into new worlds of social and user-driven media marketing.

Tansmedia is a term coined by former MIT and current USC professor Henry Jenkins, a participatory culture expert and author of the book Convergence Culture. His concept is that the many available channels offer opportunities to tell stories in a parallel manner where each component is a complete experience in and of itself but also contributes to and advances the greater story. Bud Caddell, an online media strategist in Brooklyn, does a great job in summing up Henry Jenkins’ principals of transmedia storytelling very succinctly with his post “Core Principles of Transmedia Storytelling.” It is also very informative to read the Henry Jenkin’s original two part posting of these principles (part 1 and part 2).”

In all forms of what I call Media Independent storytelling an overarching element is that there is an overall or master story being told, and that in telling that story multiple avenues and methods of reaching its audience are employed. In most cases the primary goal is to have the story transcend its methods of telling to leave the recipient to absorb its meaning and intent. In the post “Storytelling independent of medium“, Australian new media storyteller Johnny Blank talks about this specific aspect of Media Independent storytelling.

Whether you trying to move an audience from A to B, capture their attention across a span of time or to deepen their engagement with a brand, Media Independent storytelling, and its ability to take full advantage of all the avenues, channels, media platforms and technology, is an exciting way to communicate.

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