Slaves of the Feed – How do you get through?

I can’t tell you how many times I have prefaced a conversation with the disclaimer that I’m not sure where I saw/heard/read/downloaded what I’m about to say. We all are faced with so many information opportunities that we can barely scratch the surface trying to ahead of the flood. News aggregators are meant to help but I now have four of those bookmarked and can’t keep up with them either.

The bottleneck of information. Graphic by Black&White, Thomas Petersen

What is the solution and how do you tell your brand’s story in a way that gets through to people already overwhelmed by stories?

In a thought provoking article Slaves of the Feed by Thomas Petersen, co-founder and partner in Copenhagen’s digital creative agency Hello. He posits that in the midst of this constant rain of information we are all looking for quality instead of quantity and to make this happen there needs to be a different way to think about and approach information collection. Ultimately, in order to make information work for us rather than us having to work so hard to get information.

One way to interpret the concept he poses is to imagine information as being independent of its delivery mechanism or even the words used to communicate that information. That the essence of the information could be distilled and reduced to its deepest meaning and transmitted directly to us.

While this doesn’t solve the question of how do you, as an information generator, get your communications to rise to a prominent position in the audience target’s field-of-vision. Creativity, innovation, research, smarts and luck all contribute to success here. But we also feel that if your information is more than just that, but instead is a distilled essence containing authentic meaning and relevance then the audience will recognize quality among the quantity and a connection will be made.

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