One of a President’s primary responsibilities is to be a storyteller.

Today is a big day for stories. Apple’s Steve Jobs tells the anxiously awaiting world the story of his latest creation and later this evening President Obama will tell us the story of his first year in office.

Storytellers-In-Chief Jobs and Obama

The two leaders understand that delivering a compelling speech is key to the success of getting your message across to your audience. However, delivering that message within a compelling story is the key to getting that audience to continue retelling your story. With this last part Apple and Mr. Jobs are nearly unmatched masters, while our very intelligent and very eloquent President has not been as adept so far.

This article by Junto Diaz in The New Yorker magazine’s online newsdesk blog talks about how storytelling is a primary responsibility of our leaders and how those stories, or lack of, can either bring us together or pull us apart. Stories allow us all to better understand the why’, how’, who’s and where’s in ways that allow us to integrate the information into our own language and lives but to also be able to retell that story to our family, friends and co-workers. This aspect is the true power of storytelling: that a well crafted story takes on its own life well beyond its initial telling.

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