Design and discovery

David Carson, a highly respected designer, gives a great talk about design, discovery, intention and reception of design. His lo-key style is as engaging as his design work. His insights are provocative and thoughtful. We hope you enjoy this talk as much as we did.

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2 thoughts on “Design and discovery

  1. Tony: Meg forwarded your WordPress writings to me and I’ve been forwarding it to many others since. I was quite jazzed by your approach and writings, and loved the “illustrations”, esp. the one under your Impactful Visualization comments.
    After I showed it to a friend, she jumped on my computer and linked me to this site below, so I’m completely the circle and sending it along to you, a kind of return gift thanks.



    1. Annie: I’m glad you liked the writings, I really like this avenue and format for creating conversations and expressing ideas. Thanks also for the link, I really enjoyed that video – what a great piece of idea expression.


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