Landscape Painting in Detroit

A couple of artists decided to try and do something to reduce the blight of Detroit’s urban landscape. Using orange paint they targeted abandoned buildings and made them stand out loudly in the neighborhoods. Four were torn down almost immediately afterward. Open space creates a sense of opportunity and potential where dilapidated and abandoned structures […]

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Mardi Gras in miniature

Australian photographer has crafted a method to make us look at things differently. Using time-lapse, tilt-shift lens and multiple cameras he creates images that look at large areas of life as though through a macro-lens. The resulting images of populated beaches, busy harbors and the Mardi Gras parade linked to here appear as if they […]

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Great concept!

We loved the idea that we, as humans, have been waiting our whole evolution for something as satisfying as this product. Imagine telling the story behind any idea or service in way that summed up the entire reason and need for its existence.

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Design and discovery

David Carson, a highly respected designer, gives a great talk about design, discovery, intention and reception of design. His lo-key style is as engaging as his design work. His insights are provocative and thoughtful. We hope you enjoy this talk as much as we did.

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Expressing a concept 100%

The new Prius campaign by Saatchi LA uses the theme of “harmony between man, nature and machine” and creates a series of TV spots that expresses the theme in a creative and beautiful way. Even the music, by Petra Hayden, fits as all the sounds in the music are created using only her voice.

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Life on a farm

This is a very beautifully made and moving portrait of one Iowa farming family. Seeing and hearing unvarnished impressions of their life deepened my understanding of the hardship that farming can be and of the strong human spirit that perseveres and strives to maintain this threatened lifestyle. For an organic startup we created a video […]

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